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21 products
21 products

Collar pins and bars are back from never really having left the men's fashion scene. They're a classic collar decoration that elevates your tie knot in a very elegant way.
Underline your personal style with our great selection of collar bars and pins.

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21 products


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About collar pins

You likely won't see many men wearing a collar pin with their everyday outfit. Collar pins are a rather vintage men's accessory that can add a really unique touch to your outfit. These days, they've been making a bit of a comeback in contemporary men's clothing. There are two types: collar pins, which resemble large safety pins and fit through almost any collar, and collar bars, which look like barbells. To use these bars you need a special shirt with holes on each side of the collar to fit the collar bar through.

Why a collar pin?

Because they're a unique accessory that can bring a refreshing touch to any classic outfit. A collar pin or collar bar brings the tabs of your collar closer together and at the same time lifts up the knot of your tie, creating a very distinct look.

When to wear a collar bar

Because a collar bar is not a very distinctive accessory, you can wear it for almost any occasion. You can wear it to work, a wedding. In short, both formal and semi-formal events. Did we mention how versatile this accessory is?

Collar bar tips

The biggest issue with wearing a collar bar is finding a shirt that will fit it. If you can't find any shirts with holes that will fit a collar bar, you can always opt for a collar pin instead. These will, of course, create a hole in your shirt collar, but this should disappear after washing. After a lot of wear, your collar may start to show some defects, however.