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Once we decide to write an article, our goal is to make it the best there is on any given topic. Period. So it'll likely receive more love and care than a firstborn child. Browse through each article and soak up some knowledge!

Saving the World

Why we designed a watch made or recycled plastic, PET, and apple peel.

What Men's Sunglasses Fit My Face Shape?

Men's sunglasses according to face shape: square, rectangular, A-tirangle, V-triangle, heart, diamond, oval, round, or o...

The Meaning of UV Protection on Sunglasses

Make sense of the different UV tags.

Trending Men’s Sunglasses Styles This Year

Based on our sales and research, these are this year's hottest trends in sunglasses for men.

Trending Accessories for Men This Year

We take a look at the latest trends in men's accessories.

What your fingers mean

There's a jungle of info out there on what fingers you should wear rings on. Here's a guide.

What are Automatic Mechanical Watches

Everything you need to know about one of man's most important inventions in one place.

How We Designed the Memento Mori Collection

We designed the Memento Mori as a statement piece - a reminder to live life to the fullest. More designs now join the ba...

How We Designed the Ryka Watch

We designed the Ryka to be strong and practical. It's handsome by accident.

How We Designed the Dante Collection

Perfection is incremental. Learn about what inspired the Dante Collection and get a peek at its upcoming improvements.

The Ultimate Guide to Accessories for Men

Your one-stop-shop for information about men's accessories of all kinds. Well... most kinds.

Engagement Rings for Men - Your Ultimate Guide

From the why to the how to the what kind, learn everything you need to know about engagement rings for men.

Layering Necklaces - The Ultimate Guide for Men

Wearing multiple necklaces in layers is a style superpower. Learn about subtlety and how to avoid overdoing it.

How We Designed the Orisun Collection

Nature's randomness fills us with wonder. The Orisun collection puts some of Mother Nature's creativity around your neck...

How we designed the Traveller's Collection

We're all suffering from an ache to explore the world. This pain inspired a line of accessories made for adventure.

Men’s Wedding Rings & Bands – Your Ultimate Guide

From choosing the right ring size to shopping for non-traditional bands and rings, discover how to choose your wedding b...

Healing Bracelets for Men – What Do Gemstones Mean

Find out what makes gemstone healing bracelets for men so special and how to choose the right one for you.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

From Danish-designed watches to rings, necklaces and bracelets, find a gift for him that means something this Valentine...

What is a 24-Hour Single-Hand Watch & Why Should You Wear One

Discover how to read the time and set a 24-hour single-hand watch, and see why you should wear one to tell your story.

What is a Moonphase Watch & How to Set It

Learn how to read and set the world’s oldest watch complication – the moonphase.

How to Clean & Care For Men’s Bracelets

We answer all your men’s bracelet care and cleaning questions. From swimming with beads to sleeping with stainless steel...

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Skeleton Watch

Asking yourself these 4 questions will help you choose the right men’s skeleton watch and make sure you understand how t...

How to Wear a Pocket Watch with Style

From choosing the pocket watch chain to learning which buttonhole to use, check out how to wear a pocket watch the right...

How to Wash Your Beanie

Learn how to hand-wash your beanie with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures.

How to Wear a Beanie: The Ultimate Guide for Men

Consider this your guide into the world of beanie styles, materials and shopping tips so you’ll know exactly which men’...

Men’s Necklaces – Your Ultimate Guide

From choosing the right chain length to wearing dog tags and crosses, discover how to wear a man’s necklace with style....

Tell Your Story Podcast

Because every man has a story worth telling

What Does it Take to Design Bold?

See how we bring a bold Viking vibe into our latest jewellery collection for Moody Mason.

Behind the Design: Details that Matter

From design sketch and digital drawings to finished products – this is how we add intricate details to each Arkai pendan...

Designing an Adventure-Ready Watch

See how customer feedback becomes an adventure-ready timepiece for Seizmont.

Personalised Accessories for Your Wedding Suit

Learn how to add the finishing touches to your suit with professional advice on personalised accessories.

Making the Mateo Watch Collection

From an idea to your wrist, see how we’re designing our next timepiece.

Sunglasses – Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Everything you need to know about protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and blinding glare. And how to choose the ri...

What to Wear to a Music Festival – Summer Festival Style Guide

When it comes to festivals, it’s about accessories (and fun). We’ve put together our top tips to get you there in style....

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Show your dad some love with our hand-picked Father’s Day gifts and ideas.

4 Style Tips For Wearing Men’s Rings

Learn how to wear a man’s ring with style and check out our bestsellers for inspiration.

How to Grow the Right Beard for You

Our complete guide for how to grow a full, healthy beard.

Your At-Home Beard-Care Routine: 5 Quick Steps

Learn how to take care of your beard in 5 quick and easy steps.

How to Wear a Men’s Watch with Style

Level-up your watch game by learning how to wear yours the right way.

Men’s Watches – Your Ultimate Guide

This comprehensive guide to men’s watches provides everything you need to know when choosing your next watch.

Going Somewhere? How to Pack for Business Travel

Learn how to pack light for your next business trip. Our business travellers break down what to bring and how to pack it...

Get it Right the First Time: Engraving Tips & Ideas

Your guide to engraving gifts for him so you’ll nail it on the first try.

What to Wear to a Job Interview: A Guide for Men

Our complete guide helps you create a look that's polished and put-together for every interview.

Shaving Brush 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Shaving Brushes

Your ultimate guide to badger, boar, horsehair and synthetic shaving brushes.

Wet Shaving – Your Ultimate Guide

No man deserves razor burn. Learn how to get the closest shave in this comprehensive guide to wet shaving.

5 Beard-Grooming Tips – Straight From the Barber

We’ve made taking care of your beard easier with 5 beard-grooming tips.

How to Wear A Flat Cap Without Looking Flat

Not sure if you can pull off a men’s flat cap? We’ll break it down and show you how to do more than just put it on your ...

Celebrate in Style: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bow Tie

Look your best this New Year’s Eve in a bow tie styled to perfection. From sizes to colours, see how to match your bow t...

How to Wear a Bow Tie (And Wear It Well)

How to tie a bow tie: a step-by-step guide for getting yours right every time.

How to Tie a Tie: 30 Different Necktie Knots

Learn 30 different ways to tie a necktie with step-by-step guides and instructions.

What to Wear to a Wedding: Wedding Guest Attire for Men

Men, not sure what to wear to a wedding as a guest? We’ll cover the ins and outs of wedding attire – from a black tie we...

Groom Accessories – Your Ultimate Guide

Your wedding is a chance to put more thought than usual into your accessories. Cufflinks, bow ties, cummerbunds, braces ...

Ear Piercing Guide for Men

Everything to know about getting an ear piercing for men. From types of piercings to aftercare to how to avoid infection...

Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Earrings

Ready for an earring but not quite sure where to begin? We explore the most important aspects of men's earrings and cove...

How to Choose the Right Men’s Wallet – 5 Quick Tips

Use these tips as you shop for your next wallet and check out our bestsellers.

The 7 Men's Bags You’re Not Carrying… But Should

Whether a weekend getaway or something for the gym, the right men’s bag is something to never leave home without.

About us

Telling stories through men’s accessories is at the core of who we are. Everybody’s got a story. What’s yours?

How to Store, Clean & Iron Neckties

Our complete guide to caring for silk, wool, polyester and cotton ties – from travelling and storing to ironing and stai...

Find out what ring size to buy

Our ring sizing guide to help determine exactly what size ring to buy.

7 Essential Rules for Matching Men’s Accessories

An easy-to-follow guide for how to match accessories. Everything from metals and leather to patterns and colours. Learn ...

8 Must-Knows of Scarf Wearing

Learn all about scarves for men. From how to choose colour, length and scarf material to what knots to tie.

How to Wear Men's Bracelets – Without Overdoing It

Everything you need to know about men’s bracelets from sizing and styling to colours and stacking.

The Necktie – Your Ultimate Guide

Your guide to the necktie. Including how to tie classic knots – Four-In-Hand, Half Windsor and Windsor – and which colou...

The Tie Clip - Your Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the tie clip in this ultimate guide.

Ultimate guide: Men's rings - styles, types & materials - Trendhim

Learn everything you need to know about men's rings in this ultimate guide.

52 Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

Step by step guides on how to fold 52 different pocket square folds.

The Lapel Pin - Your Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the lapel pin in this ultimate guide.

The Pocket Square - Your Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the pocket square in this ultimate guide.

The Cufflinks - Your Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the cufflinks in this ultimate guide.