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Everybody's Got a Story

We want to help every man tell his.

The vision

Men’s accessories are not about dressing up for special occasions, nor are they reserved for a specific group of men. It’s not about gimmicks or necessarily looking good. It’s about telling your story and expressing what makes you your own. One way to do that is through the smaller things you wear – accessories.

Trendhim designs quality men’s accessories that are fashionable and affordable. We currently have 13 brands in our portfolio launching several collections a year and an ever-growing arsenal of articles to help you get the most from your order.

Our values

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The Trendhim Story

Ever had one of those days? The day where you play tag with the snooze button and the choice of sleeping in is all too real? Yeah, we have too.

It’s the choices we make that define our story.

We can’t help you decide how long to sleep in, but we can help you tell your story by offering a choice of products that aren't available anywhere else. Designed in Denmark, and found under 13 unique house brands, our products all have something different to say.

Which will you choose?

What story will you tell?

Read how Trendhim came to be, from the cradle to now, as best we recall it.


All Good Stories Start At The Beginning... But Not At 4 A.M.

Trendhim was founded in late 2007 by Sebastian and myself (Mikkel). We were 18 and finishing up our last year of high school. We were young, energetic, burning with the desire to start our own business... and naive enough to actually go for it.

We came up with 2 ideas – home delivery service for bread on the weekends and an online store with accessories and jewellery for men.

You know how they say entrepreneurs must do whatever it takes to make their business succeed? Well. As much as we would love to agree, we quickly decided that the whole getting up at 4 a.m. to deliver bread thing wasn't really our cup of tea.

And that was it! Morning bread suffered a swift death, and from the charcoaled ashes of waking up early... rose Trendhim.

2008 - 2014

Go Big or Go Home

We invested everything - not just money, but time, and relationships, our social lives - in the company. 16-hour days, 7 days a week for 2 years. No vacations or holidays. It was the definition of grind.

We moved from the apartment we shared to a house big enough to house us and the company. Less than a year later, we had to move Trendhim to a real warehouse.

The Trendhim website in 2008/2009. Go ahead. Laugh.

At the end of 2009, Trendhim was profitable enough to pay us full-time salaries. Until then, we'd been doing paper routes and flower binding to afford to eat. It takes a lot of passion to work part-time to afford your full-time job.

In 2012, we decided it was time to start designing our own products. Our first in-house brand, Lucleon, was born.

End of 2014, Trendhim was growing steadily and healthily, so naturally, we expanded to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.

And... we started hiring people to pack orders. Now, that's success!


An Amazing Experience

Karina and Kristof joined the team, inventory grew, and the warehouse became so cramped that you had to walk sideways to pick and pack orders.

With the warehouse turning into a maze of one-way streets, we called for a team meeting. Hours of deliberation resulted in the life-changing decision to say goodbye to our beloved home… and move across the street.

The 5 of us – Sebastian, Karen, Karina, Mikkel and Martin. Kristof, unfortunately, isn't in the picture.

We moved into our new headquarters with space for go-kart races, ping-pong tables and big ideas.

The days of the bachelor pad and sleeping in the living room were officially over.

And you'd think, "Okay. This is where they become professionals, right?" Well... not quite.

One of our core values is Hakuna Matata (what a wonderful phrase), and it’s something that everyone at Trendhim holds close to heart. We decided a long time ago that we never wanted to become "professional" just for the sake of professionalism.

We want to talk to our customers on a down-to-earth level. We want our employees to be part of a team. We want to constantly grow as people and a company. It’s more than just being ‘professional’.

Every story is different. We’re not the guys that want to fit some cookie-cutter mould. So why would we want that for someone else?


Well, That Escalated Quickly

Aaah, 2016.

Let’s begin at the end of February where we expanded to 11 new countries and hired 43 translators. Opening that many new markets meant that all 3,000 products and the entire website had to be translated into 8 different languages! It was no easy feat. But what’s fun about easy?

Oh, and we set ourselves the goal of going from 3,000 to 5,000 unique items before the end of the year. After all, we had that warehouse space we needed to fill.

2017 - 2018

Run, Gazelle, Run

Even a server crash on Black Friday couldn’t put a damper on our rocket in November ‘18… although one seriously tried. Fortunately, we were able to squeeze those lemons and still get products out on time. And we received a bit of national news coverage. Sebastian was a star for the day!

We opened 12 new countries in 2017/2018, including Australia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, taking us to 28 active markets. That’s a lot of new stories to be told.

Stepping back and streamlining our brand DNA and identity was a big part of our focus for these years, and we became the 10th fastest growing company in Denmark in 2017 – a ‘Gazelle Company’.

We don’t know how real gazelles do it… but for us, it’s a combination of a great team and belief in quality products that keep us running. And we’re glad there aren’t any cheetahs in Horsens.


More Stories to Tell

We're determined to be the go-to destination for style-conscious gentlemen and sustainability-focused gift-givers alike. But to do that, we need as much control over the whole product journey as possible, from design to delivery.

Our team of in-house designers grew fast, and so did our collection. Remember that one house brand we made in 2012? It's now 13 distinct house brands with over 1,600 products only available through Trendhim.

Surrounded by 50 hardworking, caring, responsible, and wickedly smart people, the energy at the office is palpable. It's gotten to the point where it's impossible to get everyone into one picture, so please enjoy this Gif of 26 of us.

That many new products and colleagues gave us growing pains, though. The new warehouse we moved into in 2015 is already too small for us, so we moved into 3,000 m2 with plenty of space to grow.


Good service = good business

Our focus on customer service paid off. With the lockdown bringing more shoppers online and with more people sharing their experiences on social, word of Trendhim spread like wildfire - most of it overwhelmingly positive.

Word of mouth added fuel to our growth which allowed us to hire more people, design more products, and order larger volumes, bringing overall costs down. All of this helped us keep our accessories affordable while significantly improving quality and product selection.

2020 sucked for many reasons, but we saw it as an opportunity to change for the better. We've always been conscious of our responsibility to the environment and society as a whole, but this year saw the launch of some of our most ambitious sustainability projects to date.


Okay, this is getting ridiculous

That 3,000 m2 warehouse we moved into back in 2019. You know... the one with "plenty of space to grow." Yeah, we outgrew it. And that's not all: our warehouse management system couldn't handle the number of orders we were getting every day.

So, we rallied the troops and moved the whole warehouse - all 650,000+ individual items - in one weekend! With 5,500 m2 in a warehouse standing on 3.3 hectares, we'll just build more space if we need it, 'cause that's how we roll now. And our new warehouse system is working like a well-oiled machine.

Despite the pandemic and the global supply issues that came with it, we managed to sketch, prototype and iterate our way to over 1,000 exclusive products and grow our staff to over 100 awesome colleagues, many of whom are pictured below expressing their enthusiasm.

We grew fast this year and used that growth strategically. More orders of higher volume make manufacturing less expensive, but rather than push the price down, we've pushed the quality up. Through 2021, we've made improvements to some of our most popular items and will continue to do so in the near future - in addition to adding more fantastic pieces to the collection every week.

To learn is to live and to improve is to thrive.


Focus on Service

Our best selling watch ever is the Dante. In 2022, we took a huge risk and redesigned it based on customer feedback. Check out the Dante II.

We invested in a brand-new UV printing machine so we can make custom-printed casebacks for watches. That means we can now deboss text into leather, laser-engrave metal, and print pictures on the backs of watches. We love making it personal.

Our new office needed to feel like home – not just a rented office space. Each department got to decorate their space and now the whole office feels like a favourite hangout. We also opened our very own in-house gym! Desk bikes, walking pads, and an in-house gym... We have no excuse not to stay in shape.

If it wasn't for all the cake.


So... Many... Products...

Not only did we set a new record by putting over 2000 products online that year, but we added multiple categories to our selection. Boxers and socks in a variety of shapes, materials, and colours; a separate category for gift boxes, and a whole heap of piercing jewellery.

To celebrate, a bunch of guys at the office got their ears pierced.

We also welcomed a new house brand to our selection – Otsu, our street-style brand. On the operations-side, we invested heavily in a new sorter able to sort over 2000 packages per hour with 99.9% accuracy.

And last humble-brag milestone: we reached a 4.7 average score on Trustpilot across 28+ markets, with a minimum score of 4.5 on each.


Rocketing into the Future

We started the year off with a brand-new, updated Atlas. The Atlas is a guide to our company culture, communication, and house brands.

Interested in working at Trendhim? Take a look...

Our new sorter came in handy during our Valentine’s campaign. We delivered 43,114 packages and our new gift boxes were a huge hit!


To be continued