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32 products
32 products

If there’s one thing we Danes know, it’s the cold! In the winter, leave your lightweight scarf in the closet and grab one made from warm merino wool or breathable cotton. From classic men’s winter scarves to tube scarves that are perfect for sports, shop here for the right scarf to keep you toasty warm and look good doing it.

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32 products


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Men's Winter Scarves – Where Warmth Meets Style

When the air turns crisp and the leaves start to change colour, there’s nothing better than heading outside wrapped in a warm wool scarf. And as the seasons change and the temperatures really plummet, you’ll be glad you’re cocooned in a chunky knitted scarf designed to brave the elements and keep you toasty.

And if you’re worried that a winter scarf is too hot. Think again! From breathable cotton to moisture-wicking merino wool, you’ll have plenty of options in our expanding selection of cold-weather scarves for men.

Types of Men’s Winter Scarves

Classic Winter Scarves for Men

When you think of a men’s winter scarf, you probably picture one made from wool, knit or cotton. These types are designed to be draped or wrapped around your neck. Most wool and cotton scarves for men come in solid colours and easily complement whatever outfit you’re wearing. In our selection of classic winter scarves, you’ll find itch-free merino wool and breathable cotton – all designed with a Nordic sensibility and in styles ranging from chunky knits to silky smooth ones.

Infinity Scarves for Men

A men’s infinity scarf is a scarf made in a circular design that can be slipped over your head and warped around your neck multiple times. Since there is no tying involved, you’ll save time getting ready in the morning! As with all winter scarves, choose one that contains merino wool. Many infinity scarves in our selection are made from a merino wool blend that contains lightweight acrylic – making the scarf easier to wear all day.

Men’s Tube Scarves

Tube scarves for men are designed to slip on and go. Just like with infinity scarves, there’s no tying required. Men’s tube scarves are great for sports because they don’t have long, loose ends to worry about tripping over. When shopping for the best men’s tube scarf, buy one made from cotton. Cotton is a naturally breathable material that won’t trap sweat around your collar.

How to Choose a Men’s Winter Scarf

1. Shop for merino wool scarves and thick knits for maximum warmth.

2. Choose a colour that will complement your outfit – not be the star of the show.

3. If you want to wear your scarf a little differently every day, opt for a classic winter scarf with multiple tying, draping and wrapping options.

4. Select your next scarf based on what you plan to do in it. Need something on your commute to work? Shop for a classic men’s winter scarf. Looking for something to keep you warm while you play sports? Discover the advantages of a tube scarf.

Cashmere or Merino – How to Choose the Best Wool

When it comes to scarves, one of the biggest questions is what kind of wool is best – cashmere or merino. Merino wool comes from sheep raised in New Zealand and Australia. Scarves made from merino wool are warm, lightweight and breathable and have superior moisture-wicking properties compared to normal sheep wool. Cashmere is another big player in the wool scarf scene. This type of wool comes from Kashmir goats and is difficult to get… that’s why it’s so expensive. Cashmere is softer and lighter than normal wool and gives scarves a silky, plush feel.

At Trendhim, most of our winter scarves are made from 100% merino wool or a merino wool blend. We’ve created them this way because merino wool is sturdier and more durable than cashmere and resists pilling better – great for men on the go. Scarves made from merino wool are also much easier to care for than cashmere. Shop our expanding selection of men’s winter scarves for the one your neck deserves.