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Whether sailing the seas or dressing up to catch attention, the clean lines and symbolism of a men’s anchor bracelet or fish hook bracelet will help you do it with style. Featuring adjustable cords and a variety of colours, our selection honours the history of nautical-inspired jewellery and is updated for today.

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The anchor and fish hook make handsome fashion accessories – it’s true – but they symbolise more than just on-trend style.

The anchor is a symbol closely linked to sailors and the sea and is a popular choice in tattoo shops. Anchors are used to symbolise a strong bond – one that is enduring and invincible. It makes sense that the anchor symbol represents a secure, solid connection because it was created to hold ships to the bottom of the sea. Another interesting version of the anchor’s history comes from the early years of Christianity. Christians, persecuted for their faith, would wear anchor jewellery as a symbol of strength and use the anchor to mark safe houses for those escaping the watchful eye of the Romans.

The fish hook is equally as grounded in symbolism. This nautical symbol represents energy, strength, prosperity, abundance, and is said to bring good luck. In Hawaii, the fish hook (called a Makau) has a deep connection towards the ocean, history and culture. Fish hook bracelet designs bring to mind the outdoors and reflect the interests of the wearer – one who isn’t afraid to leave the office behind and venture into forests, climb mountains and explore nature.


While the anchor and fish hook are rooted in symbolism, you can still wear one with whatever story you want to tell. Both anchor bracelets and fish hook bracelets for men have a laid-back, casual feel that is both on trend and perfect for going out in the evenings or weekends. Add a fish hook bracelet when you’re dressed up for an accent accessory that’ll catch a conversation.


Trendhim has a wide variety of anchor bracelet styles with the main difference being in the finishing on the anchor. You can choose between gold-tone, silver-tone or black metal to match your look. Combine these choices with a variety of ropes and cords and you’re certain to find an anchor bracelet suitable for your sailing adventure… or your land-based outing.

Many of our anchor bracelets for men are fully adjustable and fit most wrists. Simply connect the anchor through the loop. No need for a special clasp to keep it secure.


Our selection of fish hook bracelets is an ever-growing assortment. All of our metal fish hook bracelets are one-size-fits-all and can be adjusted to the perfect fit by moving the knots in the cord or rope. There’s no need for a special clasp to keep it secure. Simply hook the end of the fish hook through the loop in the rope. Trendhim’s fish hook bracelets are designed with colours inspired by the sea and maritime tradition.


As with all metal accessories, match the metal of the anchor bracelet or fish hook to the metal from which other accessories that you are wearing are made. For example, if you wear a silver-toned watch and silver-tone ring, a silver-tone anchor or fish hook bracelet will make the best match. You can, of course, choose to mix and match metal colours for a contrasting look… but matching metals is always the safest option.

What other accessories are you wearing? Explore our collection of anchor bracelet designs now to find the perfect new accessory… or discover the fish hook bracelet that’s right for you.

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